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Hair extensions are incredibly popular and extremely versatile. With hair extensions you can make changes in your style that can be either extreme or subtle. Choose the length and thickness you want along with styles like straight, curly, or wavy. We offer a large variety of styling options so you are sure to find exactly the look you are after. Get a temporary or long lasting new look, add length and fullness, or go glamorous for that special event.

Natural human hair extensions

Natural human hair extensions are the most popular form because they look and feel the most natural and are easy to wear and style.


Extensions come in such a wide range of colors and textures; there is almost no limit to what you can achieve. Whether you wish to create length and volume or just want to add some highlights, we are here to talk you through each procedure.

Keratin bond and micro bead

The keratin bond and the micro bead systems are two of the safest methods for hair extensions. Both are easy to remove and cause no damage to your hair.


The Keratin bond system forms tiny bonds attached to your own hair. Each extension is individually color matched as it is applied, giving it a more natural appearance.

With the micro bead system a very small portion of perfectly matched hair is clamped to very small sections of your hair, ensuring an even weight distribution and natural look.

Get the long and luxurious hair you've always wanted

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